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| Amelia Veale |

Is impactful storytelling possible in the digital age? Does it require the deep connection of face-to-face human interaction? At Narrative Marketing, we believe that, in the modern world, human interaction is becoming all about how to "look your audience in the eye, digitally."

So, our Be The Drop podcast explores the art of communication, specifically storytelling, in today's digital world. We investigate and bring to you the secrets to great communication, like our all new Be The Drop Manifesto, which has been created as a free guide for you, based on the insights we've learned from our podcast guests.
Running a business isn't just about making money, it's about giving back, so please enjoy the free tools we're developing! (Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn so you don't miss out; follow Be The Drop on Instagram.) Don't say we never give you anything 😉
I say "we" because there's a team behind me that helps make this happen. And I thought it was high time I introduced you to them!  


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Jojo Furnival, Chief Wordsmith.

I'm Jojo, and I write the words for Narrative Marketing and Be The Drop...



I’ve always been a writer. At the age of 13 I had a go at writing a book, and at 14 an extract from it was published in UK teen magazine, Bliss.


I express myself more accurately and creatively when I am writing; the written word gives you time and space to explore what you're really feeling.

After university, I found myself in London, working in marketing, public relations and communications, exploring all facets of my love of the written word.


For 5 years, I managed client accounts at an international business communications consultancy; from social and trade media, blogging and interview features, to brand storytelling and advertising, I've done it all.


I've been blogging since 2010; I was made a Huffington Post Contributor in 2014 and subsequently became Editor of digital and print publication, CALMzine, which won a 2016 MIND Media Award.


I’ve been lucky enough to interview some of the UK and Australia’s most loved personalities, from sports stars to musicians. But regardless of whether it's a 140 character tweet or a 10,000 word essay, ultimately it's all about telling a story to engage your reader and that's what drives me to do my job.


I love finding out what makes people tick, then turning their answers into stories full of heart and insight.

Chris Warman, Chief Videographer

I'm Chris and I'm the man behind the camera and mic...


My background is in freelance video production for businesses, events and artists. Some of my previous clients include Unley Council, UNISA, Harcourts and SALA Festival.


I've filmed over 50 weddings, 30 live performances and taken photos at more than 130 gigs! I've also curated the Fleurieu Film Festival for three years now.


I enjoy being behind the camera so much that time melts away and a 14 hour job becomes my playground.

The moving image runs through my veins; my uncle is a renowned Australian TV and Film Director and I grew up wanting to follow in his footsteps. Ever since I had access to a Nikon Coolpix (with a blistering 3 Megapixels) in 2002, I was making silly videos, stop-motion animations and transferring to VHS tapes in my spare time.


My hobby then grew into a vocation when I attended film school for two years in 2010/11, during which time I got to work on the set of Red Dog. 


My favourite part of making videos is that I can experience so many new and different things. 


Jack, Chief Recreation Officer.

I like Chris and Jojo because they contribute to my healthy, happy work environment. They throw my ball for me at lunchtime. I could do that all day...  




Stay tuned for the free tips, helpful guides and handy downloads we'll be sharing with you as we uncover more of the secrets to great communication. Running a business isn't just about making money, it's about giving back, so we want you to enjoy the free tools we're developing; we've done the hard graft so you can reap the benefits! And if you do decide that you want more support, of course we offer a range of content, strategy and training services that help us pay the bills!



Let's Be The Drop and create a waterfall together! This year, I'll be participating in the CEO Sleepout to raise money for Vinnies (click here for the Vinnies SA CEO, David Wark, interview blog post) with hundreds of other CEOs and business owners. Community action like this really embodies the spirit of Be The Drop for me. United, we can make a difference; individually, we're just single drops, but if we work together, we can create a waterfall. I believe passionately in this philosophy and want to live it wholeheartedly, not just talk about it in my podcast.   


So, join me in supporting Vinnies and we can change the lives of hundreds of thousands of homeless Aussies. Homelessness is not a choice, but I'm choosing to experience it for just one uncomfortable winter night to raise money to help those people that desperately need it. You don't need to join me on the soggy cardboard, but you can support my fundraising efforts >> just follow this link to my fundraising page. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Thank you again for tuning in and listening to the BTD podcast. I can't wait for the next installment to bring you more inspiring people talking about their strategies for connecting with and building a positive community. And if you want more behind the scenes stuff and bits not included in the show, head over to our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter.

 Amelia xx


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community, Communication, Podcast

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